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5 Great Gift Ideas all Under $40!

Written by Ashley Miller


Posted on November 13 2018

The holiday season is upon us, and all the savvy shoppers are getting a head start on their shopping...or at least starting to make a plan! Here are some of our top gift ideas for your list! 
1. Black Leggings: Roll them up & tie with a bow to give as a stocking stuffer... or pair them with a flattering tunic and give the gift of a gorgeous outfit! Sizing is simple and stress free (OS fits 2-12 and Curvy fits 14-20).

2. Mixologie Roller Ball Fragrances: Made up of eight expertly-crafted rollerball fragrances designed to be layered and blended so that you can create scents to perfectly suit any mood or occasion. Not sure which to choose? We also have a sample set that would make the perfect gift! 


3. Sugar Stacks Bracelets:  One of our most popular accessories, these unique custom bracelet stacks are easily paired with any outfit. They are made of high quality glass beads, so no worries about sensitive skin! Several options and colorways available here


4. Scarves: Blanket scarves, long scarves, infinity scarves...the options are endless & the demand is high! Scarves are the season's hottest way to add warmth & style to any outfit. There's only 1 requirement: Always soft, never scratchy. We've got ya covered! 


5. Beanies: Not just for warmth! Busy women & moms everywhere praise the heavens when it's finally beanie season. No time to wash your hair today? No problem! A little dry shampoo, a cute beanie & some're good to go, girlfriend!