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Athleisure: The New Mom Uniform

Written by Ashley Miller


Posted on October 07 2019

If you’ve been looking around for comfy, every day clothing, then athleisure is probably your new best friend.

Athleisure is a fancy name for athletic clothing made as comfortable as possible. Whoever came up with the concept of athleisure needs a gold medal – it’s the perfect mom uniform.

Need the right outfit for taking the kids to the store? Athleisure. Yardwork? Athleisure is here for you. Rainy Saturday at home? Athleisure just wants to keep you cozy.

Foundations of Athleisure: The Sports Bra

This strappy sports bra is one of my new favorite things to wear. First off, it’s cute – I love all of the straps. They’re such a fun detail for such a “boring” piece of clothing.

Stretchy fabric feels you cool, wicks sweat, and keeps you together no matter what your day holds. This sports bra is a medium impact bra, and is perfect for yoga, spinning, or the gym. It also includes removable pads for added support and modesty.

If you prefer a looser fit, then I recommend that you size up (just remember, it will be better for lower impact sports then).

Add Perfect Yoga Pants

I’ve already written an entire post telling you that I’ve found the perfect yoga pants, but let’s just talk about how much I love them again.

Many athletic pants are made with high levels of compression for professional athletics: but as a mom, let me tell you, I often feel more like a professional child-chaser than an endurance athlete.

I need clothing that is going to be comfortable all day long. These yoga pants are the perfect yoga pants, and are affordable enough that you can have a pair for every day of the week.

Best of all? These yoga pants have pockets. Snack pockets, phone pockets, whatever-you-need-them-for pockets. Bless pockets.

Complete Your Athleisure With a Comfy Top

I curate the Just Gorgeous Darling boutique’s inventory and selection with a critical eye, so if it’s in the shop, you know it’s going to be good.

I’ve fallen in love with two athleisure tops to add to the collection.

The first top is a wide neck oversized top. I love wearing it slightly off the shoulder, so I can show off my strappy sports bra. The mineral wash makes it the perfect companion to any of the items in the athleisure collection.

If you want to wear a top that’s a little more cozy, you’re going to love this one. This cowl neck long-sleeved top is perfect to pair with your leggings. The contrasting leopard print is playful and fun.

You can shop the entire Just Gorgeous Darling Athleisure collection HERE. Don’t forget to join my Facebook community to find more like-minded moms and new friends.

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