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Just Gorgeous Darling Holiday Gift Guide

Written by Ashley Miller


Posted on October 16 2019

The holidays are coming, and it’s time to start working on your gift list. The great thing is, you can get a lot of your Christmas gift shopping done all in one spot. Plus, free shipping? What a win! You can knock out a lot of your Christmas shopping all at once. I’ve created this holiday gift guide to help you find the right gifts for your best friends.

Oh, and you know what? If you read any of these, and think “wow, that describes ME!” and you decide to play Santa and buy it for yourself, we won’t tell. Treat yourself! 

Gifts to Pamper Your Stressed Friend

Do you have a family member who is stressed and needs to take a break and take care of themselves? 

You can’t make them not stress, but you can help create a relaxing situation! 

I LOVE Dirty Bee products: they’re a small, US-based company that creates bath and shower products. I’ve just added a few new products to the shop, and you’re sure to fall in love!

Face Mask
There are four varieties of face masks available, and you can pick whatever is going to fit your friend’s skin needs. From oily to dry, we’ve got you covered – literally! 

Shower Steamer
Ever want the fun of a bath bomb but don’t have time for a bath? Want to invigorate your senses while you’re washing your hair? Ready to emerge from your shower feeling truly refreshed?

Grab a shower steamer. Just put one of these in the bottom of your shower, and your senses will be stirred as the hot water hits, and fragrance fills the shower. With scents like lavender and eucalyptus, you’re sure to emerge from your shower feeling refreshed and ready to handle anything that comes your way.

Shop our selection of Dirty Bee products.

Gifts For Your Forgetful Friend

Do you spend a lot of time searching for missing keys? I’ve got the perfect solution. This set of keys on a stylish keyring are the perfect solution to all those wild and crazy hunts for missing keys. 

Is it a stylish bracelet? Is it a key ring? Is it a superhero? It’s all of the above. Gone are the days of endlessly searching for missing keys! This is the perfect addition to this holiday gift guide: everyone needs one of these!

Shop our in stock tassel key rings.

Gifts for Your Funny Friend

We all have that one friend who keeps us laughing – I bet you can think of that person right now! You may want to check out what kind of graphic tees I have in stock. From the “tired moms club” to fun coffee quotes, there’s always a rotating selection of styles and sayings.

We’ve always got a rotating selection of graphic tees; make sure you check them out!

Shop graphic tees.

Gifts For the Mom

Is your friend always chasing toddlers? Is she always on the go?

You might want to get her some perfect yoga pants. They’re every mom’s dream pair of pants: supportive, soft, stretchy – and did I mention pockets? 

No matter what her day brings, these pants are there for her.

Need something else to send with those yoga pants? Learn more about the Just Gorgeous Darling Athleisure collection.

Gifts For the Impossible Friend

Do you have that friend who already seems to have everything? Or maybe, they’re just hard to shop for. They know what they like, and all of their purchases are super strategic.

We’ve got you covered with our gift card options. Maybe they’ll get their first Dirty Bee shampoo bar. Perhaps they’ll splurge on their first pair of Judy Blues. The possibilities are endless when you give a gift card.

So what are you hoping to unwrap this holiday season? Was this holiday gift guide helpful? What gifts would you add to this list from the shop?

The holidays are coming, which means there are going to be special items coming up! The best place to get the latest information is in my VIP Facebook group. Are you a member? If not, what are you waiting for? We’d love to have you join. And while you’re at it, make sure that you text “Darling” to 57838 to get a special discount code texted to you! It may be the season of giving, but I like to make sure that you get gifts too!

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