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Loungewear Sets | Every Woman Needs Them!

Written by Ashley Miller


Posted on March 22 2021

If there's one thing that 2020 has taught us, it's that loungewear is a seriously underrated category in the boutique & fashion worlds.

 loungewear sets plus size  loungewear sets


Judy Blue Denim and a fantastic set of earrings set my heart to flutter just as much as the next fashionista....but who doesn't love a pair of buttery soft joggers with a cute oversized tie dye dolman?! 


Life is too short to feel anything other than comfortable in your clothes. But comfy doesn't have to mean haggard- there's no need to spend your indoor days in ratty sweats and a holey sweatshirt. You can be cute, sexy, and confident in your loungewear mama. Look and FEEL your best while running errands, folding laundry, or working from home. 

Here are a few of our current favorites! 

1. Luxurious Loungewear Sets (in Terracotta, Olive, or Blush)

Let the love of luxurious loungewear begin! These joggers are half of a whole outfit that will keep you warm and comfortable! They feature an elastic waist, pockets, and a jogger style hem, so you can keep up that fashionista image while letting yourself kick back and relax!

2. Forgotten Dreams Tie Dye Loungewear Set. 

I promise you won't forget the dreams you've had about these tie dye joggers! They are just as comfortable and cozy as you've been imagining! They feature pockets, an elastic waist, and a jogger style hem!

3. Pastel Meets Camo Loungewear Set

The beautiful pastel colors give these camo joggers a feminine twist. The pockets, drawstring, and perfect tapered cut will make these a fave for sure.  They can be paired with a classic white tee and denim jacket or a matching hoodie for a full-on sweatsuit style.


4. Metal of Honor Athletic Set 

These leggings were made for movement! They are perfectly high-waisted and so stretchy! The camo design is modern and fresh, keeping you looking classy while crushing it during your exercises!

Camo Athletic

Check out all of our in-stock loungewear!

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