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Make a Statement with Essential Oil Lava Stone Jewelry

Written by Ashley Miller


Posted on September 09 2019

It’s the change of seasons, and with that, many moms are pulling out the trusty essential oils. Whether you use oils to ward off the transitional season sickness, or you just love using essential oils as a perfume alternative, essential oil lava stone jewelry just might be the thing for you. 

You probably have seen it: simple chains with a black bead, or a series of black beads. Black bracelets, or even earrings. These lava stone pieces are a statement all on their own and are leading trends: but best of all, not only are they beautiful and trendy, they are useful! Read on to learn more about essential oil lava stone jewelry.

How Does Essential Oil Jewelry Work?

Essential oil diffusing jewelry is commonly made from lava rock beads. These beads are made from cooled lava rock. As the rock cools, it becomes porous.

Lava rocks are porous, which means that they are able to “soak up” the oils that you drop onto it. Normally, when you drop essential oils onto a hard surface, it doesn’t soak in: it just spreads out. The unique pitted surface of the lava beads makes them the perfect carrier for essential oils. 

But the lava rocks soak up the essential oils, and you’re able to keep those scents close.

Why Use Essential Oil Jewelry?

Perhaps you are at work, and aren’t able to run a diffuser without bothering your coworkers. Or, maybe you’re out running errands, but feeling a bit of a stuffy nose, and you want to keep your essential oil close. Maybe you want to use an oil that you’re not comfortable diffusing around your pets.

There’s a million reasons why you’d want to keep your essential oils close, and regardless of your reason, there’s one easy solution for everyone: essential oil jewelry!

Jewelry lets you express your style, but it doesn’t always have to be decorative. You can find jewelry that does everything from hide bobby pins, disguise a phone charger or a pen, or even a bracelet that holds all of your keys and keep them handy in a stylish manner. 

If you’re a busy mom, items that serve more than one function are priceless (can I get an A-MEN?)!

How to Use Lava Stone Jewelry

Using your lava stone jewelry is easy – I’m all about keeping that mom life as easy as possible.

Choose your favorite essential oil or blend. You can find tons of blends on Pinterest

To help spread the oil evenly, put a drop of essential oil on your finger, and then rub onto the bead, being careful not to get the oil on any other parts of the jewelry, like tassels, wooden beads, or any other parts.

Just put on the jewelry, and enjoy having your oils close! 

Where to Buy Essential Oil Jewelry

I carry a few pieces of essential oil jewelry in my boutique! I switch them out from season to season, but you can typically find some piece of lava rock jewelry just to meet your needs.

This fall, I am featuring two special pieces in the boutique.

First, is a pair of earrings that has a few lava stones, and a mauve tassel underneath. It combines practicality and trendy, making it the perfect piece to add to your fall wardrobe!

You can get the earrings HERE.

Next, we have a coordinating bracelet that combines wooden beads with lava stones, and has a coordinating tassel. You’ll feel put together when you wear the pair. Wearing matching jewelry is magical: it’s like when your bra and underwear match. 

There’s just something that makes you feel so put together when that happens, right? You know what I’m talking about!

You can purchase the bracelet HERE.

Do you love essential oils, and enjoy diffusing them and keeping them on hand? Have you ever tried essential oil lava stone jewelry? I’d love to hear more about your experiences in the comments!

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