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Take our Personal Style Quiz!

Written by Ashley Miller


Posted on January 28 2020

If you find yourself feeling frustrated, confused, and maybe even like your'e in the middle of an identity crisis when you try to get dressed each morning...this quiz was made for you!! 

Style Quiz

Just Gorgeous Darling Boutique has always been about serving women who don't seem to fit into the typical department store. One side of the store looks like something your preteen daughter might wear. The other side of the store looks like something your mom would wear. And then there's us! 

I created this quiz to help you loosely define your style. I say "loosely" because I strongly believe in not boxing yourself into any one particular look, but there are definitely some guidelines that you can follow to ensure that the items you pick from our shop will bring a smile to your face. It only takes a minute (or less)! 

Try it HERE 



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