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Head Spa

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Both relaxation focused as well as results focused head spa and scalp treatments are coming to JGD soon! The best way to find out when these services launch is to follow our Instagram Account: @justgorgeousdarlingsalon 

60 Minute Head Spa

$140 | Best for Relaxation & General Scalp Wellbeing

A Head Spa treatment focuses mainly on the health & wellbeing of your hair and scalp. This treatment is a fusion of traditional Japanese inspired Head Spa and modern day products and techniques. 

First, we will use a dermascope to see your scalp & hair follicles at a 50x microscopic level. Next, you will relax and be pampered while your service provider get to work. Much like a facial, your treatment will include a double cleanse, exfoliation, relaxing waterfall rinse, and masks/tonics. 

Features: Japanese Onsen therapy eye mask and light arm/shoulder massage.

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Cosmetologist massaging hair on the head of the woman. Spa treatments. Beauty treatment. S

90 minute Head Spa

$215 | Best for mild to moderate scalp concerns, like itchiness, flakiness, and excess oil.

This service combines the relaxation of our 60 min Head Spa Service with the results oriented treatment offered by our Head Lab service. This service will still leave you relaxed and refreshed, but with a little more focus on treating specific scalp concerns.

Features: Japanese Onsen Therapy Eye Mask, Malibu HeadLab Mist Treatment, and light arm/shoulder massage

NOTE: If you would like the Malibu Head Lab Scalp Treatment without the Head Spa aspect, please click HERE

60 min Head Spa & Signature Facial Package

$230 | Best For: Guests looking to hit the reset button and melt into absolute luxury and relaxation.

Experience the ultimate pampering session with our luxurious 90 Min Head Spa & Signature Facial package. Delight in a revitalizing 60-minute Head Spa treatment, combined with our full Signature Facial, to leave you feeling completely refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world.

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How long will my appointment be?

We will require approx 15 minutes before the appointment for consultation, and 15 minutes after the appointment for followup. So if you book at 60 min Head Spa service, plan to be at the salon for approximately 80-90 minutes.

Is a blowdry included?

A blow dry is not included in the Head Spa service. You will leave with a Leave-In treatment in damp, towel dried hair. However, a rough blowdry (no roundbrush styling) can be added for $30.

Is the Head Spa Color Safe?

Is Head Spa safe during 

Yes! We use all professional, color safe products for the Head Spa.

The main concern with Head Spa during pregnancy, is that you will be laying flat on the table. If this is not something you will be able to do, it may be best to wait until after deliver. None of the products used are contraindicated for pregnancy.

How should I prepare for my Head Spa service?

Arrive in comortable clothes with dry, detangled hair. It is also advisable to remove makeup prior to arrival as we will apply an eye mask, however we can provide makeup remover if needed!

Will Head Spa services make
my hair grow?

Healthy hair growth starts with a healthy scalp! Our Head Spa services and recommended at-home regimens can certainly help create an optimal condition for hair growth. However, there are times when hair growth is interrupted by internal health conditions (vitamin deficiencies, thyroid conditions, alopecia arreata etc). Topical treatments will only be effective if interal issues are also addressed. We cannot promise or gaurantee any hair growth results. 

Can I get a Head Spa if I have

Head Spa is safe for MOST extension types. We do not recommend receiving Head Spa if you have tape-in extensions, as the products we use could affect the adhesive.

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